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Get to know about the great hardships Ibrahim Khalilullah (Abraham) had to face, while delivering the divine message of Islam. M. Sadeghi stars as the title character in filmmaker Reza Varzi’s epic retelling of the life and times of Abraham, known as the patriarch of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, the world’s three most prominent monotheistic religions. Led by God from Mesopotamia to the land of Canaan, Abraham entered into a covenant with the Lord that, once fulfilled, would see him father a great nation of kings.

“Abraham: The Friend of God” is a title that suggests a movie centered around the biblical figure Abraham, known for his pivotal role in many religious traditions including Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Given the context, it’s likely a film that explores Abraham’s life, his journey of faith, and his relationship with God, highlighting why he is often referred to as “The Friend of God.”

Such a movie would typically delve into significant events in Abraham’s life as recorded in religious texts, like his call by God to leave his homeland, the promise made by God to make him the father of many nations, his various tests of faith (including the binding of Isaac), and his role in the establishment of the covenant between God and his descendants.

The film could be a dramatic retelling that aims to provide insights into Abraham’s character, his unwavering faith in God, and his obedience, which made him a central figure in the faith narratives of millions of believers around the world. It would likely appeal to audiences interested in religious history, biblical stories, and inspirational tales of faith and perseverance.

Without specific details on production, cast, and release date, it’s challenging to provide more detailed information about this particular movie. It could range from a historical drama to a more artistic interpretation of Abraham’s story, depending on the creative direction chosen by the filmmakers.

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