Omar Ibn Khattab Series – Episode 03 – WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES

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Omar Ibn Khattab Series – Episode 03 – WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES

The series begins with one of the pilgrimage journeys of Caliph Omar, where he addresses the pilgrims and delivers speeches. The next scene takes us to Mecca, where the Caliph explores the city and experiences an emotional flashback to his own life as an 18-year-old boy, working for his harsh father, Khattab ibn Nufayl. Through Omar’s perspective, the flashback reveals his past, starting from his days as a wrestler and a businessman. It portrays his rise within the Quraish community, where he becomes one of its leaders. Eventually, the story takes us to the pivotal moment of his conversion to Islam, his close companionship with Muhammad, and his unwavering devotion to the faith. Omar emerges as an inspirational figure, a courageous warrior in the battles fought during that time, and a beacon of strength for the contemporary Muslim community. The narrative progresses through significant events such as the Meccan victory, the death of Muhammad, the legacy of Abu Bakr as the caliph, and his eventual passing. The focus then shifts to Omar’s own legacy as the caliph, depicting the complexities and improvements of his reign. However, this legacy is tragically cut short by his assassination at the hands of Abu Lulu. From the perspective of the viewers, the series provides a comprehensive portrayal of Omar’s life, from his early days as a young boy to his rise as a prominent leader. It encompasses his unwavering faith, his contributions to the Islamic community, and the challenges he faced during his caliphate. Ultimately, it serves as a tribute to his remarkable life and the impact he had on shaping the early history of Islam.

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